Thursday, December 6, 2007

Replacement of Tarrance on the Township Board

There is a Woodlands Township meeting scheduled to discuss appointing a replacement for Les Tarrance scheduled on December 12 at 8AM. Unfortunately, changes made to the Texas legislation did not change the method of replacing a board member, leaving it up to the board's discretion, continuing with the appointment method. An appointment method for temporarily filling a vacated position is a normal process. But we have a political issue here. At the very least, the board should consider the will of the residents on this matter. At the best, we should have an elected member. There is a credible argument that at this stage of the transition, we would be better off putting someone there with a lot of knowledge of the processes. Leaving it up to the public might be countering our objectives. So my position is that if someone who can do this job effectively is available, then the transition to 2010 could be improved. But this is only contingent on the right person being there. The politics of appointing someone is negative for the board and will cause public issues and more discontent. We need unity. I feel the board will act responsibly on this as representatives and not irresponsibly as incumbents.

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