Monday, February 18, 2008

Peggy Hausman sets the records straight

There has been some confusion expressed by residents on Peggy's position in the election last November. She has released the following statement regarding her position for the three propositions. This statement affirms what she has previously stated and is being published just to set the record straight.

"As a member of The Township board and Past President of The Woodlands Community Association, past member of the Woodlands Fire Department and past chairman of The Woodlands Service Corporation, I would like to set the record straight and the rumors to bed.

As a member of the Town Center Improvement District Board of Directors, I initially took the same position as the staff and other key board members in not making any public pronouncements that could influence residents to vote for or against The Woodlands Township proposals. Of course, I was personally excited about the opportunity for our community to begin an era of self-governance. After all, I was the lady who testified in front of the senate committee at Montgomery College to ask Houston to take the gun of annexation away from the people of The Woodlands. Let us become the Masters of our Destiny. Let us choose!!!! With all that said, as a Woodlands Decide member I signed a document that stated I would provide factual information without showing personal preference and I did just that. I agreed with fellow directors like TCID’s vice chairman of the board, Lloyd Matthews, when he wrote: “I have agreed not to take a position supporting nor opposing the three propositions in the November election. Directors of both boards are supposed to provide factual information to residents without being an advocate so that they may make their own informed decision on the election.”

As a community leader for the past 25 years, I learned long ago that I can best serve the residents by keeping them fully informed on issues that directly impact their quality of life. We are a smart community that can make our own decisions if given all the facts. Look to your leaders to tell you both sides, the ups and downs. We the people of The Woodlands will do the right thing and we have. Now that 86% of the residents have elected to proceed with The Woodlands Township form of governance, I hope to continue to serve them by retaining my board seat and ensuring, by example, that every member of the new Woodlands Township board performs their duties in a responsible and accountable manner. Thank-you for your time and wisdom."

Peggy Hausman

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