Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Congratulations to Tommy Williams and Rob Eissler

Here in The Woodlands, we are interested in continuity of legislative work by our government for the people of The Woodlands and surrounding area. Both Tommy Williams and Rob Eisler worked hard for freeing us from annexation by Houston. Tommy Williams negotiated with the City of Houston and the both of them sponsored legislation to enable a special government in The Woodlands. Their work was remembered in the voting booths here. Voters were very aware that action and results were the themes of our legislative representatives. Now as we move closer to our new form of government, we will asking for additional supporting legislation to enable better self determination and a stronger hand in our own future matters. Let's get it done guys. Find out what we want and why. That is our expectation, that you continue to represent our interests in the coming legislative session. The job is never completed, and we look to you to lead us to a better future. Congratulations on your Primary election results.

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