Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vision of The Woodlands Future depends on scope

Just like any government, the township is now embarking on establishing a new vision, to drive future policy and strategy. We as residents or as proprietors of businesses in the township should pay close attention to this activity. This past week, the executive committee voted to recommend consultants be hired to facilitate the development of such a future vision.

This vision must be all inclusive. It cannot be short-sighted; I do not personally believe our township leaders would allow it to be such. The vision must include certain priorities of the residents. I will list a few possible priorities that readily come to mind.

  • Township must have a vision that includes an option for being a municipality.
  • Ordinance capability must be a part of its vision.
  • Court capability must be part of its vision.
  • Role of the village associations and resident representation.
  • Policing the community.
  • Fire protection.
  • Traffic expectations within the boundaries of the community.
  • Tax regimes - retirement and elderly tax breaks plus controls on spending.
  • Property value and assessments - relates to resident's worries about being able to live here or not in the future.
  • Development and zoning.
  • Assumed roles of county vs roles of the interim and long term government.
This is a start to consider the definition of the scope of this project as I see it. Of course I have not addressed the business issue list in this. I know some shop owners; they have issues that need to be addressed as well.

So perhaps you have something to add to this or to contest with this list? I can safely say that I am not interested in doing away with Walmart, as the recent study suggested that is high on the resident's list. That is not on my list. I am still reeling with total dismay over that conclusion!

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