Friday, May 22, 2009

Private vs Government Enterprise

The Woodlands has been moving in a dangerous direction. Government enterprise! There seems to be a trend these days, started by participation in the financing of the expansion of the pavilion. Collection of taxes was the rationale for the Pavilion; the facility was disabled by hurricane Ike, and there was a shortage on financial support. As a contractual agreement with the Pavilion for financing part of the renovation of the Pavilion, the township gained the right to have a rink on its property. The Township is now taking bids on building an ice rink.

Will this reduce our taxes? It seems to be piling on! An ice rink has limited usefulness. Normally, such facilities are financed and operated by private enterprise. Why should we be engaged in government enterprise? Is this part of the new era of taxation? Are we watching our finances carefully? I am uncertain that the payback on the Pavilion will be as advertised. Will we get a bond for this and then have to pay out of our pocketbooks? Remember the tax relief we were going to get with the Township? Perhaps this is a way to reduce our taxes or not.

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