Monday, February 8, 2010

CISD solicits feedback on next school year' s calendar

The CISD website has a feedback question for residents and employees to input their preference for next year's calendar. It is especially important for parents with school age children to provide their feedback. In the comment form, make sure you identify yourself and state your position.

The difference is centered around Thanksgiving preferences. Calendar "B"  has a full week and two weekends vacation for Thanksgiving, allowing parents to travel. One off day for the children is removed from the January schedule to accommodate the new alternative calendar. Teachers will be asked to begin one day earlier in August. School start and end will be exactly the same for both calendars.

Recognizing that parents might have to find additional care for some of their children is a motivator for the standard calendar " A". Calendar "A" is similar to the 2009-10 school year, with three days for Thanksgiving.

IndianSpringsGuy endorses the full week of Thanksgiving to allow more time for families to visit relatives and travel during this very important traditional holiday of our great nation. That would be calendar "B".

Parents, teachers and other affected residents of the school district, please provide your input for more effective feedback to the school board.

Click here to make your wishes known:
Conroe Independent School District feedback website  

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