Saturday, April 17, 2010

What are The Woodlands resident issues found in our government request system?

Type Incidents  Percent
Events 1   0%
MUD 1   0%
Other svcs 1   0%
Trees 1   0%
Other 2   1%
Schools 2   1%
Parks 4   1%
Mobility 6   2%
Animal control 8   2%
Garbage 8   2%
Website 9   3%
Crime 13   4%
Safety 13   4%
Alerts/Watch 13   4%
Solicitation 15   4%
Assessment questions 17   5%
Other requests 21   6%
Streetlight repair 32   9%
Common area maint 46  13%
Covenants 55  15%
Information 87  25%
Grand Total 355 100%

I reviewed the 355 resident requests from the Township Request Database over the past three months. January 1st to near the end of of March 2010. Not all requests were from residents, but the vast majority were. Obviously from the data, all who reported an issue through the database had a variety of questions and concerns. You will note that I have distinguished between safety and crime. Safety had something to do with mitigating a specific visualized risk to life or health. Crime concerns were related to the news, or general statements about the crime reported outside of the view of the resident.

Information is a catch-all and can be about anything, such who to call on advice how to approach an issue. If information was sought for the Neighborhood Watch program, that was included in Watch. Mobility does not include all road issues. It is limited to change or safety issues related to mobility, whether by foot, bicycle or automobile.  Common area maintenance includes park maintenance and water runoff from easements. Solicitation is usually a request to consider the use of a service provider.

The Township Service Request Database can be accessed at this link.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to place a comment or email me.